Nature Connection through Deliberate Attention and Curiosity- (Tedx video)

The key to developing a deep nature  connection is deliberately enhancing your powers of observation and wonder. Learn how the methods of a field naturalist help you notice more, remember what you discovered, and be actively curious. A world of infinite beauty and discovery waits just beyond the point where we usually stop paying attention. Tedx Read More


Kung Fu Naturalist

The original meaning of kung fu is not a martial art. It means to develop a skill through work and effort.((Wikipedia Kung Fu-term)) With practice and effort you can become a kung fu guitarist, cook, or doctor. What is powerful in this idea is that it recognizes and honors the role of diligent work and practice in the development Read More


A Game Changer in Science and Environmental Education

What are the best practices in outdoor and nature education? How can I construct the best environmental and outdoor experiences for my students or children? After years of research and field testing and revision, the Lawrence Hall of Science BEETLES (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning & Expertise Sharing) program has released a rich set of teaching resources Read More


A Curiosity Framework

While visiting Sunnybrae International Baccalaureate World School, I saw a set of questioning prompts on the wall of each classroom.  These eight concepts are used throughout the International School system. I strive to be rigorous in my thinking and actively question of the world. I thought these were useful and wrote them down as they might provoke my own intentional Read More


Theaomai; from thaomai (n.f.), to wonder. To behold, view attentively; to contemplate. It is regard for something marked by a sense of wonderment; a contemplative and ponderous gaze which carefully and deliberately observes an object in order to perceive it correctly and in detail. Theaomai involves more than merely seeing, it is noticing, recognizing, and Read More