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Custom Watercolor Palette


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watercolor paletteThis is my favorite watercolor palette, customized with all the paints I use both in my studio and in the field.

  • lightweight folding plastic palette with 24 wells, 5 large mixing areas, 2 smaller mixing areas, extendable mixing platform, and thumb hole.
  • 32 colors*, 16 full pans, 16 half pans, plus white gauche.
  • Color key on back.

I use two identical palettes, one for my studio and one for my field sketching kit. That way I know the palette and where to reach for what colors and my field kit is always ready to go. You may also be interested in making this palette on your own. For step by step instructions, see the blog post Customizing the Holbein Palette.

*Neutral Tint, Payne’s Gray, Black Tourmaline, Shadow Violet, Bloodstone Genuine, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Italian Burnt Sienna, Monte Amiata Natural Sienna, Buff Titanium, Phthalo Yellow Green, Rich Green Gold, Serpentine Genuine, Hooker’s Green, Undersea Green, Chromium Oxide, Perylene Green, Indanthrone Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue (Green Shade), Manganese Blue Hue, Cobalt Blue, Winsor Violet, Napthamide Maroon, Quinacridone Pink, Pyrrol Red, Permanent Orange, Quinacridone Sienna, Quinacridone Gold, New Gamboge, Hansa yellow Medium, Hansa yellow Light and Permanent White Gouache.

Paint color mixing chart

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