5 Minute Landscape: Graphite

A soft (2B) graphite pencil and a blending tool are great fast sketching media. The trick is use the blender not just as a tool to smooth pencil strokes but as a drawing tool itself. Once you get graphite on the tip of the blender you can use it like a paintbrush to add value into  areas of white paper. Warning: this is fun so do not overdo it- be sure not to cover all your whites with blended gray.

Click on the first image below to start a step-by-step slideshow.

2 thoughts on “5 Minute Landscape: Graphite

  1. Would like to see you cover Lanscapeitos in chaparral landscapes. In my area of San Diego, it consists of rolling hills often mixed evenly with boulders. How to quickly show such mixed texture when there isn’t any interesting geography. Could be rolling grasslands, sage, or other similar brushy habitats.

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