5 Minute Landscape: Water Soluble Pen

Most pens are not waterproof. They bleed in the rain or turn a sky gray when overpainted with watercolor. But pen solubility does not have to be a liability. it can be a feature. After you make a quick pen sketch, stroke your pen lines with water to create a gray wash. Some brands make a blue-gray wash, others neutral or warm gray. Experiment with different brands of pens till you find one that you like.

Pilot Razor Point Pen

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Tombo Brush Pen

Now let’s try it with a Tombo brush pen. Brush pens have a broad tip  that can easily cover areas with tone. The ink is also water soluble and can be re-worked with a waterbrush. For this demonstration I used two Tombo pens:

  • Tombo Dual Brush Pen N75-Cool Gray 3 – SKU# 56639
  • Tombo Dual Brush Pen N95-Cool Gray 1 – SKU# 56644

Click on the first image to start a step-by-step slideshow.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Thank you, John for all your sharing, I find your videos so easy to understand and learn something new with each one. I have purchased 2of your books and really value them. I only wish I was in the same country as you, I would love to attend your workshops.

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