5 Minute Landscape: Watercolor Pencil

Watercolor pencils are great tools for fast sketching. Start just like a pencil sketch and then add a little bit of water to blend some of the strokes. Three big tricks to help

  1. Keep it small. Thumbnail sketches can be just as satisfying as big landscapes and they take less time.
  2. Just use one color (gray or dark brown to make a monochromatic study. Faster, easier to control.
  3. Don’t add water over all of your pencil strokes. A little variation will help add interest to the drawing.
  4. Once you have some liquified pencil on the tip of your brush, paint with it, adding value to some of the white areas.
  5. Leave some paper white (no pencil, now brushed on pencil tone). This will enhance the contrast in your drawing.

Click on the first image to start a step-by-step slide show.