Drawing Trees with Pen and Ink (video workshop)

Learn how to draw broadleaf and evergreen trees both from a distance and up close details (leaves, acorns, seed pods, and fruit). In addition to studying details of structure, we will explore shortcuts to help you get the form on paper and tricks to suggest dimension and volume.

Two advantages of drawing in ink are that it reproduces clearly for low-cost printing and that it does not smudge and smear in your notebook.

One thought on “Drawing Trees with Pen and Ink (video workshop)

  1. Gina says:

    Great video! Office Depot has the Pentel Presto Jumbo Correction pen on their website and will ship to your home or your local OD store for free. I ordered one this morning and it will be available for pick up tomorrow! (I have no connection with OD or Staples)

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