Introduction to Nature Journaling (video workshop)

Have you always wanted to keep a nature journal or are you looking for ways to make your nature journaling a richer experience? In this workshop we will explore fundamental principles to jumpstart and extend your journaling practice. You will learn:

  • Why to keep a nature journal and see examples of many ways to practice.
  • How to set up a lightweight journaling kit for easy access in the field and see some useful tools for fieldwork.
  • What to put into your journal to get more out of every observation and allow you to use your journal as a scientific resource.
  • How to motivate and inspire yourself to make journaling a regular habit.
  • Strategies to get you started for a day in the field.
  • Ideas about what to put in your journal.
  • Ways to think outside of the box to enhance your creativity and joy in journaling.

10 thoughts on “Introduction to Nature Journaling (video workshop)

  1. Thank you so much for posting your class video on intro to journaling. I’m not much of an artist, but want to expand my nature journaling with my photography. I “stole a tip” from one of your videos, have put it into practice, and put it on my blog along with a link to your site. Just passing along a “thank you” and letting you know I linked to your site. I’ve been “diagramming” on my more boring photos this month and loving it! It truly does add to the depth of information and add context to the photos. Thanks! Bill

  2. Bruce says:

    any recommendations regarding paper choices for graphite & watercolor combined?
    any problems with using traditional 140lb watercolor paper -ie erasing the graphite and/or blending casing damage to the paper?

    Thanks !

    • Hi there Bruce, Erasing will cause some damage to watercolor paper but this is not really an issue for field sketching. I think 140 lb should be great for most of your work. I tend not to use rough or cold press paper. a little too much texture for field sketching.

  3. Janet Kemper says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been wanting to “start” my Nature Journal for years, now. Just watching this video, I made my first page. It was exactly what you said…I figured my drawing wasn’t good yet. I will do what you said…I will give it a year… but I already know, I can do this. Whatever I put on the page will be good. Thank you for getting me started & for being so generous with your instruction.

  4. beth novick says:

    This is a very useful video. I am working with a group of middle school students this year to teach them nature journaling and your site is one of my best resources. I appreciate the work you do to encourage people to get outside and enjoy/observe the natural world.

  5. Wendi says:

    Just… AWESOME!! Absolutely loved this EXCELLENT presentation!! Your passion for both sketching and nature really shines through, and that is so refreshing. I think 95% of this applies to any type of sketching (urban, nature, everyday), as well as taking up any kind of new art. I took away so much great information and insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. Joni James says:

    Love your video workshops John! I always look forward to a new one.
    I do have a suggestion. In this video and your recent “How to Draw Songbirds”, the camera did not zoom in to the projected image. This made it impossible to see the examples of what you were discussing. At times the board was overexposed which made it difficult to see the sketches. Here you are often in front of the images.
    Not to be overly critical– just sharing my experience with these two videos. Perhaps you have no one to operate the camera or room layout is a problem??
    Anyway– thank you as always for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. I appreciate the time, effort, & generosity you put forth for us. You continue to enrich my nature journaling!

    • Thank you Joni, I am afraid that I have lost my videographer so am now creating these with a video camera on the side. I will try to improve the quality of these videos. Thank you for the feedback. I will try for a better quality next month.

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