“People know they have to work out to get good at sports, yet they don’t think they have to work out to get good at asking questions. If you pose questions regularly, you learn the right questions to ask, and you develop stamina in finding the answers to them. You can keep on rephrasing and reposing questions to an animal until it just gives up and answers. It’s a great game!” —Todd Newberry

A world of infinite beauty and discovery waits just beyond the point where we usually stop paying attention. Nature offers us peace, a rich and meaningful place to learn. There is no computer program that can replicate the richness of seeing a flower up close, the intrigue of geeking out with bugs, or the calm of laying on your back and watching clouds. The key to developing a closer connection with nature is deliberately enhancing your powers of observation and wonder. Learn how the methods of a field naturalist will help you notice more, remember what you discovered, and be actively curious. A nature journal is a lens that focuses our attention and crystalizes our observations, thoughts, and experiences. The system is creative, rigorous, and playful, easy to begin and learn, and will grow and mature over a lifetime.

This site is a resource of tools for your journey. Start now: you can do this, and the world is waiting.