“Drawing demands active and purposeful participation like that which is alluded to in the timeless Roman admonition carpe diem (seize the day). This phrase is a concise exhortation to actively explore, experience, and embrace each unfolding moment. Such focused concentration on immediate experience lies at the very heart of the drawing process.”
–Brian Curtis

A world of infinite beauty and discovery waits just beyond the point where we usually stop paying attention. Nature offers us peace, a rich and meaningful place to learn. There is no computer program that can replicate the richness of seeing a flower up close, the intrigue of geeking out with bugs, or the calm of laying on your back and watching clouds. The key to developing a closer connection with nature is deliberately enhancing your powers of observation and wonder. Learn how the methods of a field naturalist will help you notice more, remember what you discovered, and be actively curious. A nature journal is a lens that focuses our attention and crystalizes our observations, thoughts, and experiences. The system is creative, rigorous, and playful, easy to begin and learn, and will grow and mature over a lifetime.

This site is a resource of tools for your journey. Start now: you can do this, and the world is waiting.

Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference: October 7-11, 2020

Registration is live! Join us for our second annual gathering of the nature journaling community, hosted in partnership with The Foster. The 5-day online event is open to everyone from around the world, and it will include a full schedule of classes, lectures, nature journaling challenges, and an online auction. Learn more.