A Better DIY Altoids palette

Hey there do it yourselfer’s. I saw a brilliant way to improve the Altoids palette: rigid paint pans, nothing to fall out, and easy to transfer to a new tin if your old Altoids box starts to rust. The secret is mini ice-cube trays.

It’s a good-looking little kit. You get lots of pans to hold your color. My friend Joan Langfeid made hers from a tray she found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Simply trim a 3×6 section and fit it into your tin. The trays are strong so you will need either good scissors or a jig saw.



I think this is a better way to go than the separate pans you need to glue in one at a time. Even with magnetic tape, the adhesive seems to come loose after awhile. Another advantage is that you can easily pop the full tray out and place it in a new tin should you wish.