Black-back Butterfly Fish step-by-step

Blocking in the posture, proportions, and negative space body angles are the first steps in drawing a fish. You may see a parallel here to drawing birds, mammals, and everything else- it is the same system, just a different subject. Before you add any detail, block in these elements. If you add color with watercolor as in this demonstration, start with lighter values and work your way into the darks.

Click on the first image to start a step-by-step slide show.

3 thoughts on “Black-back Butterfly Fish step-by-step

  1. Lin Rubio says:

    Was not able to attend the second class on fish movement in Lafayette but do not quite see on the site. Will it be uploaded or can you direct me to it.

      • Lin Rubio says:

        Dear Jack,
        Thank you for the info. Friend came to that 2nd Fish presentation and indeed thought it was a difficult lesson. Maybe think simpler is better. Maybe 3 videos. I always think that’s why your presentation is so good.

        Thank you for all your work and good thoughts

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