On the Trails Podcast

On this episode of the On The Trails podcast, join host Michael Nickell and special guest John Muir Laws, aka Jack, as they dive into the captivating world of nature journaling. In this engaging conversation, Jack shares his unique journey from a childhood shadowing a family friend’s botanical sketches to becoming a renowned naturalist and Read More

NJEF: Neurodivergence

Three incredible community members share about their journeys in neurodivergence, first as kids who needed support and understanding, and then as adults who provide their students with that support and understanding. Join Charon Henning, Libby VanWhye, John Muir Laws, and the Nature Journal Educator’s Forum for this deeply meaningful conversation. Read More

Journaling the Solar Eclipse

Let’s prepare for the solar eclipse happening on April 8th 2024!!! Eclipse Ambassador KE Hones makes a safety announcement for solar eclipse viewing. John Muir Laws looks at different ways of exploring and journaling the eclipse, as well as investigates a strange phenomenon involving light filtering through a fence. (Session on Pi Day, 3/14/2024) Links: Read More