Post-Hawk Page Composition

John Muir Laws takes us inside his nature journals and demonstrates one of his best practices: post-hawk compositions – or rather, “what to do after the hawk has flown away.” As a powerful means for information review and refresh (bonus concept: the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve), working on your pages post-hawk will help you organize what Read More

The Backyard Hawk

Journaler-photographer Val Dunn discovered a Red-tailed Hawk in her backyard. Val’s hawk ate a critter, stretched, preened, and posed, while she took photos. Photographs of nature give us a special opportunity to learn more about the structure and anatomy of our subjects. John Muir Laws shows us how to draw and take lessons from Val’s Read More

NJEF: Nature Journaling and Thinking

Join a discussion with researcher Lindi Shepard on what her studies tell us about the impact of nature journaling on the way we think. Lindi Shepard is a classroom teacher-turned educational researcher whose work focuses on teacher education, the development of scientific reasoning skills, inquiry learning, and environmental education. She supports teachers around the country Read More