How to Draw Bird Feet

Learn how to draw bird feet by understanding the anatomy and structure and simplifying the essential details. In this workshop, you will learn essential tips for drawing bird feet in the field or studio. Read More

Understanding Cross-contour Lines (video)

Learn how to visualize form on spheres, cylinders, torus, and other organic shapes. We walk through creating latitude and longitude lines and how cross contour lines change directions on a curved object. These skills will significantly help you draw natural forms from life and memory. Read More

Words, Pictures, and Numbers (video)

Nature Journaling is so much more than pretty pictures. Learn how to combine words, pictures, and numbers to create rich and complex journal pages that will stretch your mind in new directions. More important than how a page looks, is the personal and cognitive process behind it. The more tools you have in your mental Read More

Attention and Curiosity with John Muir Laws and Fiona Gillogly (video)

On Feb 21, 2020, I gave a lecture at the Gateway Museum, Chico CA on attention and curiosity and the art and science of Nature Journaling. A highlight of the evening was a conversation with 16-year-old nature journaler Fiona Gillogly. Special thanks to Taz, coordinator of the Chico Nature Journal Club for this video. Read More

How to use Watercolor Pencils with a Waterbrush (video)

Watercolor Pencils are a great way to add color to your field sketches. Applying the pencils is intuitive and the waterbrush makes field application easy. However, watercolor pencils can perform in unexpected ways that can be frustrating. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with watercolor pencils to get a variety of effects Read More

Douglass Iris with Watercolor Pencil Step-by-Step

Watercolor pencil drawings work best in three stages. First lay in your shadows, values, and hues with a coat of pencil. Blend the colors with water. Once the paper is dry, add details and crisp up the edges with a second coat of colored pencil. Add details at the end of the drawing so they Read More

Northern Parula with Watercolor Pencils Step-by-Step

A key to success with watercolor pencils is to apply a base coat of local color (the hue of the object) with dry pencils. Then add water to smooth and blend the colors. Let the page dry, then add shadows and details with dry pencils. The water is applied in the middle of the drawing, Read More

How to build a journal page (video)

Kristin Meuser presents her step by step process of building a nature journal, page element by element, as you travel through your nature experience. Where to begin? She starts by creating a flexible grid which encourages areas for a page title, conditions notation, color matching dots, notes, and poetry/prose, close up sketches as well as Read More

How to Paint with a Waterbrush (video)

The waterbrush is an amazing little tool that revolutionized the way I paint, sketch, and journal. They make the logistics of watercolor, watercolor pencils, water-soluble pencils, or water-soluble pen washes easier in the field. In this class, you will explore watercolor techniques that will help you quickly add color and value to your sketches. learn Read More