Building a bigger, better, bird brain

Why is it hard to remember the plumage, songs, and details of the lives of birds? What if there were simple tricks you could use to help you observe more deeply and remember your experiences more vividly. Join John Muir Laws for an investigation into neuroscience and birding skills. How can you get more out of every nature ramble, make the memories stick more, and have fun doing it?

One thought on “Building a bigger, better, bird brain

  1. Ann H Winschel says:

    I saw a photo of a small bird trying to get its beak around a blackberry. Blackberries aren’t what they used to be: they are much larger. We have hybridized many berry bushes so the berries are larger. Have we made them harder for some birds to eat?

    You could ask the same question about other characteristics we have modified. Have we caused a problem for the animals who eat or inhabit a plant by modifying the flower or fruit color, size, shape, fragrance?

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