Puffins and Page Layouts

In this “Ask Jack” session (May 2022), John Muir Laws explores how to incorporate page layout elements into your nature journal to make your information more accessible. We draw some puffins along the way. Link Hashi shared featuring John Muir Laws and Kristin Meuser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmZwaxmDiNw Read More

Drawing Bird Postures, Proportions, and Angles

Learn to draw birds with the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory and acclaimed artist, author, educator, and scientist John Muir Laws! In celebration of SFBBO’s 40th anniversary, we’re learning to draw 3 species SFBBO scientists have worked with extensively over the years: the Snowy Plover, Least Tern, and White-crowned Sparrow. In addition to learning about Read More