How to Draw Mammal Noses

Want to draw mammal noses? Learn to see the similarities of structure across species and then the nuance of the details of the particular species you are drawing. Practice drawing noses from the front, side and three-quarter view. Start with a light ghost drawing to block in the basic shape. Notice that the nostrils make

Drawing Mammals: 3/4 view, fur texture, and gaits (video workshop)

Round out your exploration of mammal anatomy, structure, and drawing techniques. Explore ways of rotating a simple mammal model in your head so that you can draw the foreshortened form from any angle. Study the 3/4 body position. Explore the anatomy of  squirrels, weasels, and other mammals with flexible spines. Follow a step by step demonstration about how to

Constructing Mammal Heads

How do you learn to draw animal heads from any angle? Practice drawing them from three. If you master the front, side and three-quarter views, you will be able to interpolate any other head position. This also help you to visualize the head as a three-dimensional object rather than outlines around a flat shape. In