Wildfire Journaling

Our nature journals are an important tool to help us understand the wildfires growing ever larger and more intense across the world these past few years. Learn how to develop a deeper understanding of fire’s place in the natural world in this discussion with Nature Journaler and fire ecologist Robin Carlson and John Muir Laws. Read More

40 Years Painting Wilderness: Artist-Explorer Tony Foster in Conversation with John Muir Laws

John Muir Laws and Artist-Explorer Tony Foster share insights about their passions for art and nature in a live, online format. This conversation offered an opportunity for these two artists to reflect on the similarities and differences in their philosophies, approaches to painting, and perspectives on environmental threats in the world. The session begins with Read More

Coping with COVID-19 Through Art and Nature: From Cornwall to California

John Muir Laws and British artist-explorer Tony Foster discuss Foster’s Lockdown Diary–56 Days, an artwork Journey created during COVID-19 lockdowns this Spring. Confined to home except for one walk each day, Tony constructed this daily diary of painted and written observations using the notes and drawings made during his regular outings. The resulting artwork beautifully Read More