Building words

“We encounter each other in words, words / spiny or smooth, whispered or declaimed / words to consider, reconsider.” —Elizabeth Alexander   Language changes how we think((How does our language shape the way we think? Lera Boroditsky, Edge 2016)) and the right word can open a door to thinking articulately about new ideas. Before we had a word for genocide,

Book Review: Bay Area Birds

This latest book from David Lukas is a gem. It is concise, rigorously researched, well written, comprehensive, and conveys a deep love of nature. This is not an identification manual but rich accounts of the natural history stories behind the birds. Lukas gives detailed life histories of 320 of the birds that live in or pass through

Sketchbook Reviews (video)

Here is a review of several sketchbooks that you journal keepers should know about Bare Books are great low-budget journals for teachers. Another great option for teachers is to use unruled composition books. Roaring Spring Composition Books work very well. You may also find other brands. Kunst & Papier Sketchbooks are cool bound sketchbooks that can be folded