Charlotte Mason and Nature Journaling

The Charlotte Mason homeschooling system is a profound and effective framework for teaching. It is widely adopted across the world. Many of Mason’s principles parallel current best practices in education. Keeping a nature journal is a part of Mason education. In this workshop, we were joined by Art Middlekauff, a leading thinker in Mason education and how to apply it today. We discussed the intersection between Charlotte Mason education and nature journaling.

About our guest: Art is the founder and leader of the Charlotte Mason Poetry podcast, blog, and website. He and his wife Barbara have been home educating their three children for more than a decade. Over this time, Art has been studying Charlotte Mason’s writings and applying her living ideas to his family’s homeschool, both indoors and out. Art has written several essays about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy which have been published in the two volumes of Essays on the Life and Work of Charlotte Mason, published by Riverbend Press. Art has also produced a video about Charlotte Mason’s key principles which may be obtained from Sage Parnassus.