Colored Pencil Technique (video workshop)

This video is part of a workshop on drawing with colored pencils. The video begins ten minutes into the program. What you have missed is a demonstration of how to layer colors with gentle pencil pressure and a discussion of pencil types and how to organize your colors for field sketching. Thank you to Ashok Khosla for filming the workshop. The color is a little off on the screen but we do our best. I hope this is helpful.

8 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Technique (video workshop)

  1. Barbara Winkle says:

    I am sooooo glad that I discovered your website and have now subscribed. My enthusiasm and decision to get back into nature journaling, in particular, is due in great part, to your excellent teaching.

    You have, perhaps, touched on this before, but re. Colored pencil use ..warecolor type, or regular, how best to use with regular graphite pencils? Lay down color, or some color first or get graphite drawing pretty much down beforehand?

    Also, do you, or are you planning on giving any workshops this or next year in Washington state?
    Let me/us know when & where. Thank you so much. Barbara – Spokane, Wa.

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