Deep Observation and Nature Journaling (video workshop)

Keeping a journal is the single most powerful way to enhance your nature observation, memory, curiosity and appreciation of nature. Do not worry about drawing pretty pictures. The goal is to come more deeply alive through attending to the beauty and wonder of the world. In this workshop I describe an approach to journaling that can open you to this kind of discovery.

Download this page of observation tools and paste it into the back of your journal. Use it as a reference and inspiration for discovery.

4 thoughts on “Deep Observation and Nature Journaling (video workshop)

  1. Greg Gillson says:

    I’ve recently re-watched this video. This is your best class/video covering nature journaling, Jack. It is a worthy 3-year advanced preview of your Nature Drawing and Journaling book. Well done!

  2. Barbara Winkle says:

    Hi. Boy, ,I continue to be so inspired by your website. A million plus thanks. Re. your soon to be released book..nature drawing.. Journaling..I don’t do anything financial on line. Can I pre-order by mailing you a check or money order?
    If so, an address? Thanks. Barbara W. Spokane, Wa

    • Hi there Barbara, There are a lot of folks who don’t feel comfortable sending money online. The best way to handle that would be to send me an email once the book comes out, I will calculate the shipping cost and you can just send a check by mail.

  3. karen says:

    Thank you for putting these videos out into the world. They are so inspiring, and the more people who can experience them, the better!

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