How to draw ducks and waterfowl (video workshop)

bufflehead sbs 30Ducks and other waterfowl are extremely cooperative subjects. Yes they move, but they love napping if plain sight and will stick around for you to draw. Learn the details of duck anatomy that are relevant for field sketchers and bird artists. Discover tricks to get down the shape quickly and easily, even on a bird that is moving. Learn the basic feather groups and how to imply feather detail. Discover how to draw duck heads that look like duck heads. Learn how to suggest feathers without drawing every one. Learn new secrets of duck posture. Plus a reflection review as it applies to waterfowl.

2 thoughts on “How to draw ducks and waterfowl (video workshop)

  1. Cole says:

    Hello Jack,

    I have been meaning to tell you how much I am loving your recent guid book to nature drawing and journaling. It is an absolutely beautiful book, and is now one of my favorites.

    In your book, you talk a bit about different paints and colors, and how to make your own palet. But I was wondering, for someone like myself who has virtually no experience with watercolor, what are the best colors to get for a small paint set? Do YOU sell any watercolor paints? If not, where do you buy the ones you use? The only watercolors I have now don’t seem mix very well, and are unlabeled, so I can’t tell if I really have cyan, or magenta. And they also tend to leave little paint crumbs on the paper, is that normal?



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