How to Draw Landscapes II (video workshop)

Yosemite Falls WatercolorLandscape drawings still bogging down in detail? In this workshop we will take a look at some common elements in landscape drawing and explore ways of quickly and accurately reproducing their textures, structure, and suggested detail. We will take a close look at ways of drawing common elements in landscape drawings, grasslands, coniferous forests and, rocks. With this bag of tricks you can supercharge your plien-aire drawings and quickly represent aspects of the landscapes you observe.

6 thoughts on “How to Draw Landscapes II (video workshop)

  1. Brook Trout says:

    Jack, Such a vast amount of great info. You mention that you are posting, Grasses, Rocks on your blog, but where?

  2. Barbara Winkle says:

    Yet another terrific video, and from me, again, many thanks for all you have, are, and will continue to share with us. Hope one day to be in or near a locale where you will be teaching and sharing in person.
    By the way, bought your new drawing and nature journalling book. Excellent, beautiful book.
    Barbara (McCallister) Winkle.

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