How to draw with a pencil (video workshop)

Learn how to draw with a pencil and master basic techniques with graphite, blending tools, and an eraser.

You can load your journal kit with expensive and fancy tools but few are as universal, versatile, handy and reliable as a graphite pencil. Learn how to get the most mileage out of your pencils and practice fundamental drawing skills. This workshop will establish a platform for work with any subject. We will investigate pencil techniques with line, value, shading, drawing with a tortillion, and creatively using an eraser. Special thanks to Ashok Khosla for filming and uploading this video.

Here are a few key points that are explained in the video.

    • Explore and extend your value range.
    • Choose 3 or 4 value steps. Keep it simple.
    • The highlight and core shadow are shapes.
    • You can draw with your eraser and smudger.
    • Shading angle can suggest planes.
    • A change in plane means a change in value.
    • Restrained detail goes in last, on close surfaces.
    • Texture the twilight edge.
    • Quit before you are done.

4 thoughts on “How to draw with a pencil (video workshop)

  1. Steve says:

    My daughter and I loved the video. We use your book often to draw field sketches.

    When can we see you in Milwaukee for a class?

    • Thank you Steve. Right now I am staying closer to home in California because I am a daddy to two young’uns. I hope that down the line I will do more programs in other areas. I am delighted that you are watching these videos with your daughter. I hope they help you two sketch together.

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