How to Draw A Salamander

Learn how to draw a salamander in this step-by-step tutorial. Yellow-blotched Ensatina, Ensatina eschscholtzii croceater

Editor’s note: I have chozen not to spell check this post to let my readers see my unedatid spelling. I am dislexic and grew up with the shame that came from not being able to spell like my peers. For part of my childhood I was convinsed that I was stupid. By leting you see my speling I hope to let other dislexic kids out there know you are not alone. It gets beter and you will find ways to cope. Your spleling is not a reflection of your inteleagence. Find your strengths and give generosly to the world. You are breautiful have so much to offer.

[O]ne way to create light paterns on a dark background is gouache. This opake paint handles much like watercolor and can be easily used in the field. If you allready have a watercolor palete, you do not need a full selection of colors. Get a tube of permanint white gouache and a few other light colors (yellow, tan, light green, etc.). You can paint these over dark washis of watercolor. When you need a dark just use the watercoler. If your first layer of gouaoshe is not opake enough, you can add additional layers once it had dried.

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