How to Draw Sandhill Cranes (video workshop)

Learn how to draw Sandhill Cranes. This workshop is about how your ability to draw anything improves when you understand what you see and train your eye to capture critical negative shapes, gestures, and angles. We will start with a detailed look “under the hood” of the Sandhill Crane so we all have a rich understanding of the anatomy and structure. Then we will learn how to make fast gesture lines from moving birds and how to fill these out to completed sketches in a step-by-step tutorial. We will also explore how to escape from your understanding of what you “should see” to accept what you do see and get that down on paper. This approach is not just a technique for drawing cranes, it applies broadly to any subject you may wish to draw.
As part of the lesson, you will be drawing cranes from videos. You will find links to the original videos here: feeding cranes, preening cranes.