How to draw trees (video workshop)

Learn how to draw trees. This video was taken by Ashok¬†Khosla on May 14, 2014 at the Santa Clara Valley Audubon’s McClellen Ranch as one of the monthly free workshops with the Nature Journal Club. Watching the video alone will not help you draw trees. Watching the video and going out and drawing 16 trees will. Take the challenge and see the results.

5 thoughts on “How to draw trees (video workshop)

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Jack, I had a thought… maybe you could link to these few blog posts about trees on your “How to draw plants” page that you link to in your navbar. I’m so glad you videotape your lessons. It makes review so much easier! Thanks for everything you do. -Jen

  2. anna serrao says:

    I loved all your posts!!
    I bought your book ‘How to draw birds”and it was great!Ireally would like to have more books “How to…”
    Hope you write about trees and so on….
    I live in Brazil and and every year I come to chicago to visit my daughter…I wonder if next year I could participate of a workshop…Let me know about your classes schedule for the next year!! Thanks a lot!!

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