Drawing birds in Arabic

One of the delights of sharing my drawing resources free online is that I have come in contact with brilliant, motivated, and creative people who are also sharing work for the benefit of the larger community. One of these people is Saad Ferah from Algeria, a nature artist who is also involved in wildlife conservation.  He recently translated part of The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds into Arabic to make it more accessible. I am honored by his efforts and appreciate his help making these resources available to more people.



11 thoughts on “Drawing birds in Arabic

  1. Saad Ferah says:

    I will write here in Arabic the titles and some key-words to help people find this page :
    رسم طائر في ست خطوات ؛ إنشاء الخطوط الأساسية ؛ رسم الطيور ؛ رسم العصافير ؛ كيف ترسم عصفورا ؛ كيف ترسم طائرا ؛ كيفية رسم طائر ؛ كيفية رسم عصفور.

  2. Saad Ferah says:

    Thank you!
    I hope I did a faithful translation to John’s work. And I will do more whenever I get the oporunity to.
    I am already a member in The Nature Journal Club Facebook page.


    Thank you, Saad Ferah, for your work in translating John’s book so that his work can be shared. John makes drawing a reachable goal for anyone with a desire to learn. I hope you will share your drawings on John’s site.

  4. Terri says:

    Hello John, This is lovely. I am very much enjoying your book and I am so delighted to have stumbled onto your community classes. Could you please let me know how to obtain more information on your non-profit group. I may be able to arrange a nice donation but when I click on the “donate” button it only takes me to a pay pal site. I would need to have more info on mission and organization, etc. Is there a separate web site to find the info?

  5. Sandra says:

    I received “THW Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journalling” this week. It is fabulous and so very much more than the title indicates…art school in one volume!

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