14 thoughts on “How to draw birds

  1. Kailey says:

    Hey, I’m getting ready to start art school, I’m kind of nervous about it but I think I’ll manage but I have an important question how do you get your proportions just right? and the shading perfect?

    • John Muir Laws says:

      please join us for one of the ask jack sessions and we can play with this idea. it also is in some of the old recordings from previous bird workshops (see blog archives).

    • John Muir Laws says:

      Copying is a good way to learn. The more pencil miles you put in the more skills you will develop. Do not worry about your own style. it will come. Consider copying from more than one source. creativity is more about the way you think than how you make your lines.

  2. Andrea Moon says:

    I can draw I just don’t know what to draw I can’t focus and make my own style but I am interested in doing birds I like flowers and I have a bad idea of focusing on what to actually do to make my style

    • John Muir Laws says:

      Hi there Andrea, I would not worry about finding your own style. That will happen automatically if you start making lots of drawings. Trust the process, try lots of things, keep drawing, your pencil will find its way.

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