Drawing Mammal Heads and Faces (video workshop)

Have you ever drawn  a dog that looked like a cow? Even if body proportions, patterns, and fur detailing look right, there can be something about the face that is just “off”. Subtle problems with faces and heads can be hard to detect but have a big impact on the look of the animal. The good news is that you do not need to memorize the facial details of hundreds of species. There are general rules that apply across many species. With an understanding of these principles, you will be able to better see facial details and transfer them to paper with fast, accurate and adaptable strokes.

  • Learn primary muscles that give the face shape and structure.
  • Practice basic construction lines to draw mammal heads from the front, side and three-quarter view.
  • Explore the differences between predators and prey animals and how that effects your drawings.
  • Take a close look at drawing mammal eyes and noses.
  • Learn the best trick ever to handle furry mammal ears.