Drawing Mammals: 3/4 view, fur texture, and gaits (video workshop)

Round out your exploration of mammal anatomy, structure, and drawing techniques.

  • Explore ways of rotating a simple mammal model in your head so that you can draw the foreshortened form from any angle.
  • Study the 3/4 body position.
  • Explore the anatomy of  squirrels, weasels, and other mammals with flexible spines.
  • Follow a step by step demonstration about how to show the texture of the squirrel’s long tail hair and short body fur.
  • Learn prominent muscle and bone “landmarks” to help you better understand what is going on under the skin and how to draw what we see.
  • Examine prominent gates and develop strategies to draw leg positions of moving animals in the field. Download a gait reminder sheet to paste into your journal here.

Lecture sketchnotes by the amazing Mark Simmons (click to enlarge).

The National Geographic Cheetah video shown at the end of the workshop is also worth seeing on its own in the original. Once you have watched the tutorial, take some time to view it in awe.