Drawing Object Shadows (video)

Who knows what form lurks in the hearts of drawings… Learn to see and draw shadows on rounded and angular objects such as birds or deer. Revisit nuance of shadows that you thought you knew- is the highlight really where you think it should be? Where is the darkest part of a shadow? The shadow knows!

3 thoughts on “Drawing Object Shadows (video)

  1. Tiwi says:

    this video is so useful. all this time I was quite confused to draw shadows. thank you very much for sharing your explanation and the video.

  2. Chris Soper says:

    This is the best information ever!! When trying to “learn” how to draw the comment is generally to “fill in the shadows” but no one has ever taught me how to do it and better yet this class has added not just how to see it but have a little understanding of what is happening to create it. I knew the shading would create that third dimension but this left brain couldn’t figure out how to do it. And the albino drawing really has helped me see things. Excellent class!! I am so looking forward to the series. But I do have one request…I have tried to draw clouds that have that flat gray base and I cannot make them look like the gray is receding away from me rather than being two dimensional and vertical. I hope this may be part of future shading classes…(I have gone back to work so no more zoom so cannot do the Q&A anymore and only get the recording so thanks for doing that)

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Jack! Thank you so much for sharing the video. Just a comment for those who are watching the recorded version – if your drawing screen is minimized, it is difficult to see and is very small. When watching live via Zoom, it is possible to adjust the ratio of the two screens – but not when watching the recorded version. Would it be possible to share the reference photos ahead of time, so that the main screen can be your drawing screen? Just a friendly suggestion that would help for watching the recorded versions! 🙂

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