The Dyslexic Naturalist (video)

Note: This post was not spelchecked so you can see what my raw writeing is like.

[I]f you are a dyslexic kid out ther reading this, know you are not alone. There are a lot of us out here, of all ages and we share your experince and understand what it is like. You are not dumb or lazy. It is just that certain things are machanically more dificult for us to do. When you get older they let you use spell checkers, calculators and all sorts of other ways to get around thoes problem areas. You are now working trew some of the most difficult years where, for some reason we make you work evrything out by hand and great value is put on spelling.  I know you did not ask for this, it is really hard, and it is not fair. Do not eqwait your intelagince with your ability to spell or memorize your multipicashon tables. It will get better, and not only that, the strugl itself is training your mind to do something amazing.

You can not give up. You need to try your best – not so that you can do everything like a non-dyslexic, but to identify both where the dyslexia is messing with you, and your capasity for creativity and brilliance. The more you can figure out specificly where you strugle, the easier it is to figure out what kind of acomadashions you will need to overcome it. This road is harder for us than for non-disleecsic people. The extra strugle we face everyday trains us look for and find alternite ways to solve problems. These back door aproaches are often not valued in school but, they will be a gift the rest of your life. You will see the options and possibilities that are invisible to most people. Your goal is to survive this time, to stay curieous, and learn to respect and value your way of thinking,

As a naturalist, this lateral thinking helps me to explor and wonder. I delight in discovering new things or asking new questions. My dyslexic brain is a gift with which I will never be bored. Hang in there. If I can be of support to you, I invite you to contact me.

A presintashon before the 2013 Confernce on Dyslexia and Talent.