The 7 Habits of Highly Happy Birders

Join John Muir Laws at the "Flying By The Seat of Our Pants" Free Virtual Festival. Let's explore seven things you can do to make your bird watching richer and more enjoyable. Click here to see the full schedule (January 13-16, 2022).


How to Keep a Birder’s Field Journal

Join John Muir Laws at the "Flying By The Seat of Our Pants" Free Virtual Festival. Learn how keeping a journal can add richness to your birding adventures and how to get started. Click here to see the full schedule (January 13-16, 2022).


Bird Drawing Basics- Fast Sketching

Join John Muir Laws at the "Flying By The Seat of Our Pants" Free Virtual Festival. How can you make fast bird sketches in the field? Learn techniques to capture the posture, proportions, and details of birds you see and make fast and accurate sketches. This is a two-hour workshop. Click here to see the Read More


Educator’s Forum: The Power of Story

How can we use story to connect us to place? Explore how story can engender a sense of belonging and connection to nature. Join the Educators Forum and special guests Rebecca Rolnick and Kate Righter for a rich discussion about storytelling and relationship with land and place. Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our Read More


Drawing Birds, Proportions and Angles

Learn to draw birds with the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory and acclaimed artist, author, educator, and scientist John Muir Laws! In celebration of SFBBO's 40th anniversary, we're learning to draw 3 species SFBBO scientists have worked with extensively over the years: the Snowy Plover, Least Tern, and White-crowned Sparrow. In addition to learning about Read More

Stipple 101

Learn the basics of stipple technique (shading with dots) to add value and volume to your drawings. Join John Muir Laws for weekly live nature Journaling workshops with tips, techniques, inspiration, teaching strategies, and interviews. Topics are usually announced in advance of the workshop. If special materials or class-specific downloads are available, you can find Read More


For the Love of Birds Festival

Just $12! Join me and eleven other bird lovin' folks at the Love of Birds Festival. We are a community of folks who are crazy about birds! For less than a box of truffles, you can join us virtually for 12 pre-recorded sessions and discover the many rich ways to know birds. YOU'LL GET TO Read More


Educator’s Forum: Nature Journaling at Home

Meet Dawn and Mora Berkelaar, a Mom and daughter team who have been homeschooling and journaling together for Nature Journal insights and DIY tips! Dawn and Mora Berkelaar are a family duo who will inspire you. Learn their tips and suggestions to enhance your own nature journaling experience. Making your own nature journaling supplies (e.g. a Read More


Simple ink or watercolor wash for fast value studies

Learn how to create value gradations with monochromatic watercolor and brush pens. Let's use a brush to create our values. Learn techniques with monochromatic watercolor and Tombo brush pens to create fast value studies. Bring paper brushes, watercolor, and gray value Tombo pens. Try an N95 (lightest), N75 (light), and an N65 (dark).  Download and Read More


Educator’s Forum: How we disagree

How can we hold honest open discussions about things that people disagree about? How can we better understand, respect, and communicate with people who hold radically different points of view? Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our weekly discussion and idea-sharing for teachers, home school parents, and other educators interested in teaching nature journaling Read More