The Nature Journal Educator’s Forum

Join our lively online discussion between educators around the world as we discuss and develop best practices for nature journal programs. Check back closer to the time of the event for a specific topic description. Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our weekly discussion and idea-sharing for teachers, home-school parents, and other educators interested Read More


Bias and Discrimination in Education

Join us for a live discussion of the impact of bias and discrimination in education and what we can do about it as educators. If possible, please take this short Implicit Assumption Test (IAT) before the meeting, it takes about five minutes and will be very interesting. Write down your results (sentence at the end Read More


Assembling A Composite

Learn how to see, understand and draw composite flowers! Together, we will create quite A-ster... Join John Muir Laws and naturalist David Lukas for a glimpse at the fascinating structure and function of composite flowers found in the sunflower family. These are the most common flowers in the world so learning how to understand and Read More


Learn to Draw Water with John Muir Laws

Join award-winning artist, author, educator, and scientist John Muir Laws, aka Jack, for this fun, engaging, and empowering class on capturing water in your nature journal—from mountain streams to still lakes to wild waterfalls. In this 2-hour live online class, you will learn how to draw landscapes with water features as well as how to Read More


Nature Journaling and Thinking

Join a discussion with researcher Lindi Shepard on what her studies tell us about the impact of nature journaling on the way we think. Through an analysis of naturalists' journal pages alongside interview data, this study explores how naturalists come to understand the world around them, their community, and themselves through the practice of nature journaling. Read More


Desert Discoveries

Nature Journaling is a wonderful way to get even more richness from our birding experiences. Join naturalist John Muir Laws and the Mesilla Valley Audubon Society as we imagine a trip to into the desert, record our discoveries, and probe mysteries in our notebooks. John will demonstrate habits of mind, drawing techniques, and journaling strategies that you can Read More


The Nature Journal Workshop

Live Nature Journaling workshop with John Muir Laws. Join John Muir Laws for weekly live nature Journaling workshops with tips, techniques, inspiration, teaching strategies, and interviews. Topics are usually announced in advance of the workshop. If special materials or class-specific downloads are available, you can find them here in the class description before the class. Read More


Catalina Island Nature Journal Adventure

Catalina Island Avalon, ca

Bison, Island Fox and more! John Muir Laws brings a very special blend of skills as a knowledgeable naturalist and talented artist, that has found a fundamental approach through nature journal instruction, to guide people to observe and connect with nature. Spend time in remote areas of Catalina Island practicing your observation skills, and receiving Read More

$78.50 – $125.00

How to Teach Nature Journaling

John (Jack) Muir Laws is a principal leader and innovator of the worldwide nature journaling movement. Jack is a scientist, educator, and author, who helps people forge a deeper and more personal connection with nature through keeping illustrated nature journals and understanding science. His work intersects science, art, and mindfulness. Jack will share about his Read More