New Bird Drawing Ideas from Ecuador

I have some new sketching and journaling tricks from my trip! I spent a week in Ecuador and journaled birds, birds, birds,(and flatworms and bugs). Join me as I share Read More


How to Nature Journal

Online CA

Grab a pen and paper and learn how to nature journal with John Muir Laws! Enjoy an introduction to nature journaling with John Muir Laws at the Siskiyou Land Trust’s Read More


Educator’s Forum-Why should they care

How can we engage students and show them that journaling is relevant, useful, and worth their time? What are the transferable skills or career connections? Learn how to teach Nature Read More


How to think like an ecologist

Visualizing ecosystems and systems thinking. Join John Muir Laws and special guest Iain Campbell for a discussion and exploration of ecological thinking and visualization. Explore why interpreting habitats with animals Read More


Let’s Draw Mushrooms!

Join me and Bay Nature Magazine for a virtual walk in the woods to explore how to observe with the eyes of a naturalist, discovering and celebrating the signs of Read More


What’s in Your Kit?

Join John Muir Laws and members of the Nature Journal Club as we dump out and explore the contents of our nature journaling kits. Usually, our Tuesday sessions are open Read More


Educator’s Forum: Cold Weather Journaling

What phenomena can you explore on cold winter days? What strategies help you teach when the temperature drops? Learn from the pros. Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our Read More


Let’s Draw a Steller’s Jay

I love corvids. Join me as I walk through the process of creating a careful illustration of a Steller's Jay. I will use a combination of graphite, watercolor, and colored Read More


Echinacea: The Healing Path

Need a break from the holiday hubbub? Crave some time and space for a little creative inspiration? You might just find what you are looking for at the next online Read More

Great Blue Heron Portrait Workshop

Let's take a close look at the structure of the heron's head and neck. Understanding the anatomy will help you draw what you see. This demonstration will include graphite, watercolor, Read More