Catalina Island Nature Journaling

Catalina Island Avalon, ca

Let's explore Catalina Island we learn new ways to use our nature journals. Enjoy a very special day in nature on Catalina Island practicing your nature journaling skills. Bring your Read More


Sketching Animals: Online Workshop

Rockport Art Association & Museum

Learn to capture birds and mammals with pencil and paper! In this online workshop, we’ll start with some techniques for quick sketching animals from life, and then focus on blocking Read More

NJEF: Accessibility Part 2

Continuing our discussion from last week: how can we keep the nature journaling community accessible to everyone during these changing times? How can we make it even more accessible, especially Read More


Asking Richer Questions

How can we more actively engage our curiosity and ask rich and dynamic questions that pull us into discovery? What systems and routines can we practice that help us find Read More


Let’s Draw Mushrooms!

Randall Museum 199 Museum Way , San Francisco, CA, United States

Join John Muir Laws and the MSSF for a workshop to help you draw and paint mushrooms in the field or studio. Learn how to abstract the shape of a Read More


NJEF: Feedback

What kind of feedback do you prefer to receive? How can we deliver sensitive, meaningful feedback to our students and to each other? How can we put our best feedback Read More


Answering Questions

How do we start to answer our questions while nature journaling? Le't unpack the observation and inference tool kit that nature journalers and scientists can use to investigate questions. Join Read More