Africa Series: Lion!

Let's draw lions. How do we draw the King of Beasts? What about the queen? Welcome to the mane event! Le's take a close look at lion structure, anatomy, and Read More


Here’s how to keep a Nature Journal!

Join John Muir Laws and the Coastside Land Trust to explore how to use nature journaling to engage curiosity, enhance observation, and focus your attention, observations, and experiences in the Read More


Africa Series: Comparative Cats

The way a cat is structured tells you something about the way it lives. How does the speed/power tradeoff affect how you draw? In this workshop, we compare the lion, Read More


Serengeti Nature Journal Safari

This is the trip of a lifetime. Not only will we travel to one of the most amazing natural spectacles on earth, but we have timed our visit to try Read More

How to Draw the Great Blue Heron

The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) monitors herons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn how to draw these magnificent birds in a live demonstration/workshop with John Muir Laws! John Read More