Around the World in 80 Trees Part 3: Africa!

Inspired by Jonathan Drori’s wonderful books Around the World in 80 Trees and Around the World Plants, we’re going to travel around the globe by region and sketch interesting, weird, Read More


NJEF Self-Care

Join us this week with special Co-Host Kate Righter as we discuss  self-care. How do we take care of ourselves as teachers?  We will discuss various actions we can take Read More


Your Bird of the Year: Midyear Check-in

At the end of December, I taught a workshop about how to find your own "Bird of the Year" for 2022. Now that we're halfway through the year, let's check in!

We'll explore:

-If you don't have a bird of the year yet, is it too late to get one?

-What have you learned about your bird so far? What stories have you observed?

-What questions do you still want to investigate during the remainder of the year?

-How has your connection to this bird changed by thinking of it as your "bird of the year"? Does it feel different from the approach of trying to see as many species as possible?