Art and Conservation: Horse Rescue

Join a discussion about Horse Rescue and rehabilitation, and learn a few tips to help you draw horses. Join Muir Laws and special guests, Marcia Sivek of Be Provided Conservation Radio, and Julia Hyde, director of Canham Farm Horse Rescue is not your typical Horse Rescue or Horse Rehabilitation Facility. They rescue and help end Read More


NJEF: Accessibility

What sorts of barriers do people with mobility and health issues face when going into nature or nature journaling? How can we keep the nature journaling community accessible to everyone during these changing times? Join Rosa Quiñones and other members of the community as we share struggles and find solutions. Learn how to teach Nature Read More


Constructing a Cubist Horse

Learn to draw horses (and other quadrupeds) from interesting 3/4 angles, front and back. In this workshop, we simplify the structure of a quadruped to allow us to rotate it in our brain and on paper. This skill will help you draw horses, deer, or other quadrupeds from dynamic angles. Join John Muir Laws for Read More


Catalina Island Nature Journaling

Catalina Island Avalon, ca

Let's explore Catalina Island we learn new ways to use our nature journals. Enjoy a very special day in nature on Catalina Island practicing your nature journaling skills. Bring your own nature journal and favorite supplies. Included with course fee: Boxed lunch, Non-photo blue pencil, 3-pencil accent kit, Fine tip waterbrush, Ruler


Sketching Animals: Online Workshop

Rockport Art Association & Museum

Learn to capture birds and mammals with pencil and paper! In this online workshop, we’ll start with some techniques for quick sketching animals from life, and then focus on blocking in and accuracy techniques; drawing eyes in a way that brings your animal drawing to life; and capturing fur and feather textures. In addition to Read More

NJEF: Accessibility Part 2

Continuing our discussion from last week: how can we keep the nature journaling community accessible to everyone during these changing times? How can we make it even more accessible, especially to folks who might have mobility challenges? Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our weekly discussion and idea-sharing for teachers, home school parents, and Read More


Asking Richer Questions

How can we more actively engage our curiosity and ask rich and dynamic questions that pull us into discovery? What systems and routines can we practice that help us find more interesting questions as we explore in nature? John Muir Laws will present his ideas and then open to a community discussion you will not Read More


Exploring the Green River: A Conversation with Tony Foster and John Muir Laws

The Foster 940 Commercial Street, Palo Alto, CA, United States

Attend this FREE 90-minute live program at The Foster Museum and hear Tony Foster in conversation with John Muir Laws. The Green River is the major tributary of the Colorado River. This fall Foster will paint in the Rocky Mountains' Wind River Range and also canoe to the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers Read More


Let’s Draw Mushrooms!

Randall Museum 199 Museum Way , San Francisco, CA, United States

Join John Muir Laws and the MSSF for a workshop to help you draw and paint mushrooms in the field or studio. Learn how to abstract the shape of a mushroom to help you visualize it from any angle and translate these to sketches and drawings. What views are the most useful for later identification? Read More


NJEF: Feedback

What kind of feedback do you prefer to receive? How can we deliver sensitive, meaningful feedback to our students and to each other? How can we put our best feedback practices to use in the Nature Journal Facebook community group, rather than simply distributing likes? Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our weekly discussion Read More