NJEF Spring Activities

What are some great nature journaling activities to use as Winter turns to Spring? Learn how to teach Nature Journaling! Join our weekly discussion and idea-sharing for teachers, home-school parents, Read More


Learn to Draw Plants with John Muir Laws

LIVE AND ONLINE CLASS. REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Suggested donation: $25. With the bounty of the plant world all around us, it is always a great time to practice drawing and journaling Read More


NJEF Scientific Skepticism

What is scientific skepticism (as opposed to skepticism of science)? What are some good ground rules for evaluating scientific claims? What is methodological naturalism and what is its role in Read More


Find your inner Birdcasso!

Join a bird art team supporting nature and science education and learn bird drawing tips! Join John Muir Laws and special guest Matthew Dodder for a look at how to Read More


Discover the Joy of Nature Journaling

Nature journaling is a centuries-old practice of collecting and organizing observations, questions, connections, and explanations on the pages of a notebook. A nature journal is a lens that focuses our Read More

NJEF Get your Bias Here!

All humans are subject to unconscious biases that affect our thinking. What does this mean for me? What can I do to help reveal bias in my own thinking? What Read More


Swan Song

Learn how to "carve" your drawings of swans, a skill you can apply to many sketches. Join John Muir Laws for weekly live nature Journaling workshops with tips, techniques, inspiration, Read More