Discover the Joy of Nature Journaling

Nature journaling is a centuries-old practice of collecting and organizing observations, questions, connections, and explanations on the pages of a notebook. A nature journal is a lens that focuses our Read More

NJEF Get your Bias Here!

All humans are subject to unconscious biases that affect our thinking. What does this mean for me? What can I do to help reveal bias in my own thinking? What Read More


Swan Song

Learn how to "carve" your drawings of swans, a skill you can apply to many sketches. Join John Muir Laws for weekly live nature Journaling workshops with tips, techniques, inspiration, Read More


NJEF Botanical Journaling

Join the Mad Botanist, Yvea Moore for inspiration on journaling with plants. Learn tips and techniques to help you explore the world of plants in your nature journal. Learn how Read More


NJEF Types of Observation

How do we observe? 1. “Ambient noticing” — you’re just soaking in everything, taking in the big picture, and letting things come at you.2. “Purposeful attention” — you have a Read More


Gouache Skyscapes

Easy peasy clouds with toned paper and gouache... I have found a fun fast way to paint accurate clouds with gouache on toned paper. In this workshop, I will use Read More


Earth Stewardship Symposium

West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale Ave., Saratoga, CA, United States

I will be presenting a live nature journaling workshop on Friday morning. The conference runs April 18, 20-21.


NJEF The Teachers who Changed our Worlds

Join us to share the stories of teachers who personally changed our worlds. Let's celebrate those amazing educators who made a difference in our lives. Invite your special teachers and Read More


Welcoming Nature

Join a live conversation between John Laws and Stephey Baker. I recently had a wonderfully playful and philosophical conversation with artist-educator Stephey Baker. Our talk ranged from the mechanics of Read More


Redeeming Education Conference: Learning to See

Trinity Alliance Church 20639 CA-299, Redding, California

Come join us for a day of inspiration, talks, nature study, and rich fellowship where we will experience an education that is deeply redemptive for mothers and children. Be inspired Read More