How to Nature Journal: Live Brainstorm Session

After the premiere of "How to nature Journal in Five steps" I will be doing a live brainstrom session on how to nature journal using some of the best nature journaling techniques I have developed in over 5 years of teaching. Join the live chat for beginner nature journalers, intermediate and advanced nature journalers from

How To Use Merlin App with Nature Journaling

Join Marley Peifer on the Nature Journal Show as he demonstrates how to use the Merlin Bird ID app in conjunction with nature journaling: "Have you ever wondered how to use a bird identification app like Merlin by Cornell Lab of Ornithology? Have you ever wondered if these modern tools could be combined with nature

The Nature Journal Show: What do you need for nature journaling?

Beginners always ask "What do you need for nature journaling?" In this updated Nature Journal Show video for 2022, Marley Peifer gives you his tips based on years of experience for choosing the most essential nature journaling supplies and how to save you money. Whether you are just getting started with nature journaling, are an

The Nature Journal Show: What is nature journaling?

In this week's Nature Journal Show, our host Marley Peifer explores what nature journaling is, what it isn't, and why it's special. Join in the live YouTube chat to add your own definitions, thoughts, and questions about nature journaling.

The Nature Journal Show: Yasuni Biodiversity

Join me nature journaling in Yasuni National Park, arguably the most biodiverse place on the planet. Not only can you vicariously enjoy the adventure but I will show you several nature journaling techniques that can apply to your practice at home. I mention many tactics for how to nature journal with a group of muggles