Five Tips for Better Drawing (video workshop)

H]ere are my top five tips to improve your drawing technique. One of the greatest challenges is overcoming the fear of putting pencil to paper. Often adults do not want to try things that they are not already good at. This is something you can learn, even if you are starting later in life. Let go and dive in. You can do it.

18 thoughts on “Five Tips for Better Drawing (video workshop)

  1. Hi John,

    A quick note to say that I watch some of your videos and follow online often. I still enjoy learning from you – I wish your books and videos were around when I was a kid.

    I really like the negative space/shape lessons. These remind me of some non bird drawing that I did in the early 90’s and then in the early 2000’s of bikes and motorcycles. I tried a few versions of an old timey bike but I kept getting the perspective wrong. So, I decided to draw the bike by using negative space/shapes rather than intellectualizing the perspective. I visualized the bike (in perspective) as a flat shape rather than an object going back into deep space/perspective.

    I started with the headlight and handle-bars as this is kinda like the face of the bike. This established the scale and proportion of bike. Then every part of the bike was simply a connecting negative shape that connected and interlocked with the preceding form/shape;including wheels, spokes etc. Every negative shape I would think of and treat as a positive shape.

    The perspective in space worked amazingly. I find that the same holds true for bird forms as you keenly point out.

    Thanks again,

    David Tomb

    • Thank you David, That is a great complement. I deeply admire your work both in art and conservation. It is really helpful to see that established and respected artists such as yourself use the same tools to visualize complex subjects.

  2. Swati says:

    I loved this workshop… It’s so amazing that sitting here in India I got see a extremely inspiring and helpful talk about drawing better. Thanks a ton!!

  3. Laurie says:

    Hi Jack! Another great how-to video … thanks for posting this! Special thanks to your videographer, Ashok! I plan on using his videos along with your new book as a nature journal correspondence course, if you will. That sounds kind of boring … I’m going to use both of them to guide my play with nature. Yeah, that sounds better.

    I was wondering – would you happen to have a copy of the Watercolor Basics worksheet you used in a previous workshop? If so, would you email it to me? I couldn’t find it on your website. Thanks in advance for your time!

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