How to get started Nature Journaling (video workshop)

Nature Journal Club outing & Elkhorn Slough - Moss Landing, CA,So you want to keep a nature journal or bump your current practice to a higher orbit. This workshop will help you see the possibilities of what a journal can be and how to move from new years resolutions to a life changing habit.

  • Learn the practices that makes journaling a lifelong habit (and what does not work).
  • Discover how to set up your journaling kit.
  • Journal kit show and tell
  • explore field tested logistics of sketching in the field.
  • Learn the foundational framework to help you draw any subject.

2 thoughts on “How to get started Nature Journaling (video workshop)

  1. Nanci says:

    Wow. I honestly got into “the zone” of flow while I watching this video. No Kidding! I was ironing clothes, and I always like to watch something because the task is so boring. Suddenly, all the clothes were ironed…and it felt like no time had passed at all. Thank you so much…I am working through all your videos

    I’d like to add something that works for me to keep me journaling…I am very, very motivated by concrete goals. So last June 1, 2015, I committed to drawing at least something every single day. I have kept it up every single day…some days it was as simple as doodling or drawing a smiley face….other days it was more.
    And to keep me accountable to myself, I created a flickr account and as of January 1, 2016, I started doing a different goal for each month…I created an album for each month…January was drawing dogs, etc, this month is flowers…I like watching my progress and seeing how I improve as I challenge myself. And best of all, it’s shut that inner critic down to a small, barely audible whisper 🙂
    Here is my flickr account if anyone would like to see it…..

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