Haiku for Nature Journaling

Join Elizabeth Gillogly and host John Muir Laws on the Nature Journal Educator’s Forum to explore how to use Haiku in your journal and classroom. Haiku is a simple form that fits easily into journaling activities and observational experiences. It is a great addition to other journaling modes stands alone as a core activity. Together we will have an opportunity to write and share our own Haiku and see strategies to share them with students.

The world opens
with one button on one shirt.
What a Zoom meeting!

3 thoughts on “Haiku for Nature Journaling

  1. Jim Reid says:

    Hi – I am new to Nature Journaling. I just listened to the Haiku presentation and it was very well done. I might suggest a book on this – ‘Writing and Enjoying Haiku A hands-on Guide’ by Jane Reichhold – very helpful in writing Haiku. I would also suggest – ‘Basho: The Complete Haiku Annotated Edition’. Matsuo Basho is the Japanese poet most responsible for the Haiku form. Both books are available on Amazon. For anyone who wants to do a deep dive – ‘On Haiku’ by Sato Hiroaki – a lot of interesting articles on Haiku

  2. Gisela Foster says:

    Eye-opening and earth-honoring session!
    Scientific observations combined with the charm and beauty of the powerfully condensed language of haiku. It doesn’t get any better. A slice of Process Science Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Alfred North Whitehead would have been delighted to see in action.

    And I am happy to see that Bob Ross is wearing his sweater.

    Thank you Jack and Elizabeth.

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