How to Draw Wildflowers I (video workshop)

Learn to draw wildflowers!

This is video is the first in a two part series. Watch part two.

Enjoy the beauty of spring wildflowers. Drawing them will help you get to know them better and will help you see aspects of your favorite wildflowers that you have never noticed before. This introductory workshop will teach you:

  • How to understand basic flower structure.
  • How to capture the symmetry of wildflowers with simple lines.
  • How to foreshorten your sketches of wildflowers so you can draw them from any angle.
  • How to foreshorten cone-shaped flowers
  • For advanced journalers, a subtle way that foreshortening changes the shape of leaves and petals observed at a 45 degree angle.

Before watching this video, download and cut out the paper leaf and flower models. They are essential tools for learning this material.


7 thoughts on “How to Draw Wildflowers I (video workshop)

  1. Klara says:

    Hi John,

    I love your tutorials, thank you! I was enjoying the “How to Draw Wild Flowers” video but somehow it stopped 30 min into it, saying “an error has occurred”. Is there another way I can access the video?

    Thank you!


  2. Joni james says:

    Thank you for another very helpful video. Was wondering when your new book will be available– this spring or spring next year (2016)? Will it cover all things nature or just a specific subject? Can’t wait to read it!

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