How to Foreshorten Flowers: Disk vs. Cone

Flowers with petals in a flat disk foreshorten differently than cone-shaped flowers. The center of a flat disk will always appear at the center of the ellipse that forms as you tilt the disk, viewing it from an angle. The center of a cone will drop from the center of the ellipse as you tilt the cone away from you. The steeper the sides of the cone, the faster the center will drop as you tilt it.

You will see the center point of the cone inside the bowl of the cone (that forms the ellipse) until it drops below the edge of the cone. Then it appears below the cone and you start to see the underside of the cone.

Print out a paper flower model and modify it to create a cone to follow along with this demonstration. Then click on the first image to start the tutorial.

2 thoughts on “How to Foreshorten Flowers: Disk vs. Cone

  1. Casey Henson says:

    Good Day-
    I have just been given your name and info after watching someone sketch for an hr. or two.
    I am fascinated and so want to grasp the basics of nature drawing and journaling here in Costa Rica.
    Having looked at your site, I remain a bit confused on where a real beginner should start as far as drawing plants, birds and animals, other than following the blogs back to beginning.
    Is this the right approach?

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