How to paint a Mountain Bluebird step-by-step

I have received several requests for more step by step guidance on drawing birds. I have started adding a touch of white colored pencil over dry watercolor and I really like the results. Note how much this illustration tightens up when I add the white pencil and the dark Verathin pencil lines at the end. Make sure the watercolors are dry between coats. The paper also needs to be bone dry before adding colored pencils or the pencils will tear the paper. Study the two animations below then download the bluebird painting study sheet, print it out on heavy paper  and try it yourself.

mountain bluebird animation

step by step animation of how to paint a Mountain Bluebird female

6 thoughts on “How to paint a Mountain Bluebird step-by-step

  1. Sandy Smith says:

    I want to practice painting these birds. Is there any way to stop the animation at each step so that I can study it, paint, and then move on?

    • Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed looking at your bird illustrations on your site. I suggest my readers check it out. This technique is also fast in the field. I used to tighten things up at the end of a drawing with my graphite pencil. Now I like to use the white Prismacolor and a brown col-erase pencil. The advantage of the col-erase is that if I overdo it, it is can be erased!

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