In discussion; Anna Mason and John Muir Laws

Join me and Anna Mason of Nature Studio TV for a discussion of nature journaling practice and theory. Do you want to live a more creative, nature-connected life? Well to help you do that, it turns out there are just 8 words you need to remember. In this video, Nature Journaling legend John Muir Laws offers us a fascinating insight into the benefits we can get from the practice of Nature Journaling. And he tells us how all we need to do to start is ponder ‘I notice’, ‘I wonder’ and ‘it reminds me of’. I hope this video will have you reaching for your sketchbook. If you feel you’d like to build your artistic skills for nature journaling, a great place to start is Anna’s free class, which you can find at Happy journaling!

00:00:00 Introduction, 00:02:53 I NOTICE – Observing by combining words with pictures, 00:07:10 I WONDER – Getting curious, 00:14:24 IT REMINDS ME OF – Cultivating creativity.