INJW “It Reminds Me Of…” with Jack

Join John Muir Laws in this special workshop for International Nature Journaling Week, as he teaches about one of nature journaling’s three core prompts: “It reminds me of…”

This prompt will help you deepen your memories about what you observe and bring more creativity into your nature journaling practices. Creativity is a skill you can learn; it is your ability to make useful connections between seemingly unrelated things. Thinking by analogy and seeing relationships is a powerful way to heighten your naturalist and nature jouranler mind. In this workshop we will unpack ways to networks ideas in your mind and on the page.

Special thank you and major support to Bethan Burton, who created and spent countless hours making the International Nature Journaling Week happen! To learn more about Bethan and INJW, please visit

One thought on “INJW “It Reminds Me Of…” with Jack

  1. Gisela Foster says:

    This is exactly why people are more readily persuaded by stories than opinions shouted at them. Being intentional, building relationships, reminding ourselves of connections makes the world a better place.
    Nature Journaling has already enriched my life tremendously. I will never look at an Inky Cap the same way again, after I found three of them growing in my worm bin. I noticed, I wondered, I was reminded of the beauty around me. But also, the mushroom’s extraordinary “autodigestion” gave me a glimpse into change, into the temporariness of existence.

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