Inspiring Nature Artists

There are some amazing online sketchbooks that will inspire and give you great ideas about how to extend your work. Study the artwork of these naturalists and artists. Learn by copying their drawings and asking yourself, “how do they do that?” What tricks will they teach you? Let me know of other nature sketchers that the world should know about.

7 thoughts on “Inspiring Nature Artists

  1. Barbara Winkle says:

    John, others,
    Are you familiar with the drawings/paintings and writings of Hannah Hinchman? I own 3 of her books…A Trail Through Leaves, A Life in Hand -Creating The Illuminated Journal, and Little Things In A Big Country. She lives somewhat east of the Continental Divide in Montana. Her art tends to be(though not always) more of a quick sketch nature…her suggestions wonderful. All inspiring. She does have a website. Barbara

    • I love Hannah’s work. I took a class with her when I was just starting out in nature jouranling. She still inspires me today. I will add her to the list if I find her site. Thank you for the note.

  2. Paul Bugnacki says:

    Jack. Thanks for these great resources. Your work continues to inspire my family and me to be a better stewarts of our environment. I discovered another artist and environmentalist out of the Pacific Northwest. Her name is Maria Coryell-Martin. She can be found at She has great ideas for compact field art kits. And she sells them on her website. Keep up the great work and hope to bump into you out in the field.

  3. Hi there! Thank you for adding my blog into the list of inspiring nature artists… It is a big pleasure for me since 2 years ago I spent a few days in Yosemite National Park and bought the Sierra Nevada Field Guide because I loved the illustrations..
    Thanks again

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